Why HS Microbial Solutions?

We understand the science of clean and how to protect your facility, your occupants and your reputation. We work hard to be better, more effective, more responsive.

A Cleaner Indoor Environment

We offer Our Environmental Health Services to institutions, offices, and to private and, public spaces. We can customize to meet your needs.

What we offer

High and Intermediate level Disinfection, IAQ Sampling, Environmental Health Consulting

Environmental Health and Safety is Our Business

Our technicians do the job right. We use scientifically designed equipment and products to discover microbial activity and treat spaces.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide critical services as needed in a socially responsible manner. We go beyond what can be seen and focus on the particles in the air and on surfaces. Our environmental services (EVS) staff utilizes EPA and FDA-regulated technologies to provide exceptional results. Infection prevention and control is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We are committed to reducing illness and stopping the spread of infectious diseases.

Hand Hygiene Compliance Training
  • Hand Washing: Proper hand hygiene disrupts the transfer of germs and microorganisms.

  • Cross Contamination Prevention: See how cleaning procedures from one place affect other areas

  • Clean Verification: Improve cleaning efforts by seeing what's left behind

  • Germs on a journey: See how germs are spread from person to person, from surface to person, and from person to surface


Infection Control

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