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Our Story

Certified Minority-Owned Environmental Health Services firm.

I started Microbial Solutions to Prevent/Control infectious diseases and Remediate indoor environments with hazardous substances. Since 2012, We have assisted organizations, institutions, businesses, and residential consumers with their microbial concerns.

We are state-certified in infection prevention/control. Protecting Public Health and the Environment is our utmost responsibility, and our service can eliminate pathogens effectively and efficiently without impacting daily functions.

Clean has a broad interpretation but only means to be (free from dirt, marks, or stains).
For us, that's not good enough! Where the cleaning stops is where We begin. We are limiting exposure and clearing spaces of Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungus) with our EPA-approved touch-less whole room treatment. Our standard operating procedure ensures compliance and far exceeds minimum requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 
Certified Infection Control
Certified Covid-19 Contact Tracer  
FMR Licensed Pesticide Technician
​(pending) Mold Assessor 
(pending) Mold Remediation Contractor

New York State Certified MBE 

  • Infection Prevention and Control

New York City Certified MBE

  • Infection Prevention and Control

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