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When customers enter an establishment that smells bad (food, trash, body odor, odors from germs, etc) make no mistake, they make mental note of it. They know the this space isn’t clean. Deodorizes can help mask bad smells, but, your customers will recognize the deodorizer used to control or cover up odors.

Our Germ Free Zone Seal is placed in the window of your establishment after our service is complete. Your customers will see that you care about their health and safety.


The issues with cleaning companies and crossover service companies.

They are not trained, licensed, certified or insured for infection control cleaning, whole room disinfection, and odor removal.


What Does Your Play Area Communicate To Your Guests?

Your play area is one of the most valuable and visible aspects of your business. The way your play area looks, feels and smells, communicates important messages to your customers.


We are a full service infection control company with expertise in cleaning and disinfection.

We take pretreatment and post treatment germ load (APT )readings. We also record and track your germ load data and can provide it to you. 


We have the skill and experience to make sure your restaurant smells great, feels clean and looks amazing.

Residue Free Infection Control
Our infection control services leave surfaces clean and free of residue. FDA & EPA Approved

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