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Educational facilities

  • Daycare

  • K-12

  • College


School Athletics

Student Athletes come to the gym to achieve health and fitness goals – but is your school facility’s cleanliness putting students at risk? Equipment may look clean and even smell clean, but the human eye can’t see if any harmful bacteria or viruses are lurking on frequently touched gym equipment. Contamination levels can be astronomically high!

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Keeping the Learning Environment Safe

The learning experience shouldn't be jeopardized by pesky colds and flu germs roaming the halls and hanging out on surfaces.

Everyone knows healthy students learn better, which leads to higher proficiency test scores; but as more and more funding is based on average daily attendance absenteeism has become not only a health issue but an economic one.

Hand washing programs have had a measurable effect in decreasing germ transmission but as soon as the student touches any unclean surface the hands are contaminated again.

Athletic Departments and student-athletes are feeling the effects of harmful germs. Whether wrestling, football, basketball or baseball, all shared athletic equipment creates a breeding ground for infection.

Keep your student athletes safe from dangerous infections!

We can treat:

  • Wrestling Mats 

  • Gym Mats

  • Athletic Equipment (padding, helmets, etc.)

  • Locker Rooms & Showers

  • Gym Class Equipment

  • Weight Rooms

  • Workout Equipment

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Crowd with Masks

Religious Institutions

Helping The Community

Germs happen and when before they do or shortly after we will be there to ensure they go no further

Human Services

Reinforcing our Commitment by supporting the most vulnerable

The exchange of germs in close quarters is inevitable, but also doesn’t have to lead to outbreak.

Emergency Response

Service 24/7

Contact with the world is in the job description. So limit the chances of carrying around germs.

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